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The greatest gift you can give yourself and your wellbeing is to take some time every day to meditate There’s a well-known quote: “Meditate for an hour every day unless you are too busy. In that case, meditate for two hours.” And we don’t need to devote hours to meditation to begin to see the benefits! Even a few minutes of conscious breathing can have a tremendous impact. The key is shifting our mindset away from “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time” to a mindset that focuses on what we’ll gain from even just five minutes of meditation. That’s how we can escape the vicious cycle of feeling so stressed that we’re unable to take care of ourselves in fundamental ways, leaving us… so stressed. If your inner voice tells you there’s not enough time, you can reply, “if you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate.”

How do we do it? We begin to make meditation a habit. Find a pocket of time you might not have previously considered: the moment you wake up, while out on a walk, or even in the shower. Start small: five deep breaths in the morning and five deep breaths at night. Even one conscious breath alone can reset the brain and shift you into being more present with yourself. You can simply start by following your breath and picking up a word that energizes you like peace, calm, serenity, trust, love, etc.

We recently asked Dr. Neil Iyengar, one of our key collaborators at MSKCC, “What’s in Your Fridge, Doc?”

Here is the Real-Life Diet of an Expert on Nutrition and Cancer

Meet Terrilyn. She is one of many women KROH and the Adelphi Women’s Breast Cancer Hotline has helped get through Breast Cancer.

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Kat’s Ribbon of Hope’s mission is to provide financial assistance to women who are unable to afford early detection and treatment services for breast cancer. Our focus is to save lives by making critical information and services more accessible to women and to help prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing critical research.

stat_1-8_women21 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime

women diagnosed p/ year

Kat’s Ribbon of Hope donates an average of $200,000 to Patient Navigation and clinical research trials annually to NY and LI affiliated institutions.

Approximate number of women directly treated by our Patient Navigators since 2013.

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We appreciate the support of all those sharing our mission of hope through the actions and awareness of Kat’s Ribbon of Hope. If you wish to provide direct support, please use the provided link to donate any amount – and know that each and every donation will be used to help breast cancer awareness through the support of victims and their families. Kat’s Ribbon of Hope thanks you for your support in raising awareness and for supporting the many women affected by breast cancer.

Kat’s Ribbon of Hope is proud to support breast cancer research under the direction of Dr. Neil Iyengar.


What’s in Your Fridge, Doc? The Real-Life Diet of KROH researcher Dr. Neil Iyengar. Read story >

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