My mother is a three-time cancer survivor, BRCA positive and the strongest, sweetest woman I know. Through my experiences with my mother, I always said I would get a double mastectomy and hysterectomy by age 35 to lessen the chances of my getting this disease –... read more

Anna K.

Stories Kat, As a woman who has been diligent about going for a mammography and sonograms my adult life, it was extremely shocking to find a lump through self examination. I had found others in the past, but this one would be different.  This breast cancer could not... read more

A breast cancer survivor

Stories Hi Kat,  My fiancé bought me one of your necklaces. I think it’s awesome that you have found a way to give back. Thank you for sharing! It truly brought tears to my eyes. I can completely relate when I read your story. I also want to give back. I have an... read more

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