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Giving New Meaning to “C” Change

Nov 21, 2018 | Events | 0 comments

Brookville Living – Cover Story

When Kat was diagnosed, I stopped everything, dropped my children with friends, and met my husband, my brother and sister-in-law at Kat and George’s house. We huddled together and cried. Our biggest concern was, ‘How do we tell mom and dad?’”

–Despina Yarian, sister and co-founder of Kat’s Ribbon of Hope, Inc.

When we think Greek, we think Olympians and goddesses. That inner strength and beauty etched into Greek DNA. Ancient culture aside, being Greek is all about family unity. So, when Katerina Dinas-Raptis, Kat for short, had to go into battle after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Kat’s husband George, and her sister, Old Brookville resident Despina Yarian, put on their metaphorical armor, mustered that inner strength, and stepped right up beside her. Together the three became co-founders of Kat’s Ribbon of Hope, Inc., a not-for-profit organization providing financial assistance to those who can’t afford early detection and treatment services for breast cancer. Despina explains, “These individuals die at twice the rate of those who can afford medical attention. Our intent is to save lives by making critical information and services more accessible to those at risk.”