A breast cancer survivor

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Hi Kat, 

My fiancé bought me one of your necklaces. I think it’s awesome that you have found a way to give back. Thank you for sharing! It truly brought tears to my eyes.

I can completely relate when I read your story. I also want to give back. I have an amazing support system. I couldn’t imagine getting through this without one. My son is my life and he gives me the strength to face anything.

I found a lump at 34 when I was in my third trimester. My doc chalked it up as a plugged milk duct. My son was born and 3 months into breast feeding he refused to breast feed. I didn’t understand it so I hired 3 different lactation nurses to help me. I had zero luck and they had no answers. My child wouldn’t go near my breasts. Weirdest thing ever. Arched his back and freaked out.. He  possibly save my life.

I called the doctor and said I still have this lump, my child won’t breast feed, I’ve put heating pads on it, taken hot showers and you name it is still there. It’s so large now!

In June of 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s been a battle ever since.  It’s changed my life. The happiest moment in my life became one of the most scariest and difficult challenges. I had a bilateral mastectomy, started chemo and was too sick to take care of my son. I felt like a crappy mother being that my son wouldn’t bond with me. It just tore me apart emotionally. I couldn’t hold my son or take care of him- such a helpless feeling.  I wanted to be able to take care of my baby and show him love. My mom lived with me for 3 months to help me take care of my son. Without her support I would have lost it. I also went through a jealous emotion. My son wanted her and his father as they took care of him and nurtured him while I was healing.  It was a challenging time. Lots of tears, screams, happiness… My heart breaks every time I think of other people who may not have this support. Without it I would have lost my mind.

I was supposed to get married also – postponed the wedding…

Then my son got sick and had a major surgery. The day before his surgery I had my last dose of chemo. I asked the doctors if I can be in the hospital and they all thought it was a horrible idea because my immune system was so compromised. I stayed at the hospital just praying ‘please God don’t take my son’. I begged and pleaded with HIM! Why is all this happening?

I’m one week from completing radiation. It has been quite the journey!  I still don’t understand all of it but I just hope and pray I win this battle and can say I’m cancer free.

Thanks again for giving back and sharing your story.

Staying positive and giving it my best fight.   1/2014

Yours truly,
A breast cancer survivor