Anna K.

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As a woman who has been diligent about going for a mammography and sonograms my adult life, it was extremely shocking to find a lump through self examination. I had found others in the past, but this one would be different.  This breast cancer could not be detected by a mammography or sonogram, but only an MRI! On March 23, 2016 my doctor told me my biopsy results were back and it was positive for breast cancer.  I had so many emotions and didn’t know what to think, as I kept hoping I was in bad dream! I was with my 18 year old daughter and my world had just been turned upside down. Trying to keep a happy face on was probably the most difficult thing I had to do. We were shopping for limos for her senior prom, and this was supposed to be a happy time. All I kept thinking about was that both my daughters had upcoming graduations and I had to be there.

And so the journey began; going to Doctors to figure out my treatment and then telling my daughters, family and friends.  I knew that I would need everyone’s support and prayers to get through this long and tough period. I am a strong and positive person, and some even say I am a warrior like you Kat! You truly are an inspiration!

Treatment began at Memorial Sloan Kettering. My breast cancer affected my lymph node under my arm pit, so chemotherapy was recommended as a first step. My first treatment of adriamycin was on April 21, 2016, right before my 49th birthday… and now I have one more treatment of taxol before consulting with my Doctors on how to proceed next. The good days outweighed the bad where the chemo knocked me down, but thankfully I was able to attend both my oldest daughter’s college graduation and my youngest daughter’s high school graduation. The journey is not over and I know that I will beat this through my deep faith in God, and with the dedicated support from my family and so many good friends!

I am extremely blessed and thankful to have family and friends to support me through this difficult time and I am determined to raise awareness, and keep the fight for treatment for woman with breast cancer .. We can never give up .. I know I will be able to say I am cancer free when this is all over and look forward to that day.

My inspiration and fight is not only from my inner strength from God, but my husband and my two daughters .. They give me the motivation love and support that keeps me going ..

Anna K – 7/2016